The Mermaid & The Constellation


Riding high on a wave
The golden sun streaming through my golden hair
I'm a mermaid on the prow
Of a golden ship sailing for a battleground
Free and proud, without a sound

I can give you all my sorrow

I can promise you tomorrow
But my only tears are stolen from the sea
And I cannot promise moments of eternity
for though the sunlight is my crown
I cannot dance upon the ground


Riding high through the clouds
The laughing wind calling me to circle round
I'm a rider of the sky
My winged steed dances with the starry night
Away we fly, a streak of light

I can take you where the moon sleeps
I can cross the earth in one leap
But the moon rests where the sun has never gone
And I cannot travel farther than the dawn
For though the stars mark my domain
Beyond the day I must remain


Riding high on a dream
The twilight sky plays with what I seem to see
For a moment, could it be
The eyes of one who lives what is denied to me
Wordlessly they share my grief

I must break away and find them
I must know the face behind them
So tomorrow I will travel to the shore
For one moment there to open heaven's door
Where night and day meet sea and sand
Between the worlds, I'll take your hand

© 11-22-87 Liesl Lee