well here i go again, dancin' with my dae-men,
i wonder does it ever end cause this time it was surely seemin'
more real, what's the deal....?
well hello illusion, aren't you exciting

i must love confusion to keep inviting
you in, but then again...

i've got dangerous liasons with my fractal selves
that tell me all the reasons why i should delve
into your evermore...
penetrating gaze, I see my own reflection,
studying the ways that i shade my complex-shun,
cop-her-tone, well roll the bones...

i'm flirtin' with disaster, it is my imagination,
or am i movin' faster, what is this sensation i feel?

it's like lightening striking from a roving eye,
a challenge to my liking, a game of why
not explore a little more...
but the story was boring and full of cliches
that i had been storing up for too many days
like forever, but whatever...

remember i told you it was complicated,
so why do i feel like a fool having related
my history , it's a mystery....
still this could be fun if I don't get too Sirius,
yet i am one who can get a bit delirious
sometimes, do you mind....

flirtin' with disaster and it's gettin' kinda scary,
i'm hopin' this will pass but i'm feelin' wary of you...

[hey angel, reveal your devil, is this a true interaction
are you on my level, or a distraction to my sanity?]

cause you said five o'clock but i had faulty reception
did synchronicity talk me into deception?
dejavu, the jokes on you.....
so i gave tomytoes and you gave raisin brain
but delivery is slow and i'm hungry again
are you full? yeah full of bull.....

and when i'm hungry my knees get weak
excuse me honey if i cannot speak
through these earthquakes, but i'm still awake...
i suppose that i should eat before i collapse
the chocolate cake was sweet, but this time perhaps
bread and wine, would be divine...

flirtin' with disaster and it's gettin' too intense
but isn't this a gas dear? what a coincidence

[hey there, houdini, are you a real magician
can you handle these karma kundalini conditions with uranus-tee?]

flirtin' with disaster and it's really interesting
do you think that i can master this?
cause i think that youre testing me...
for my vulnerability
i need some vulnerability
got any vulnerability?
show me some vulnerabili-tee ee ee

© 1997 Liesl Lee