oh the crazy daze
of grey phases
of grazing gazes
phrased just so

how we play and laze about,
blazing and shouting our silences
whispering doubts and alliances:
will we stay or go?

touching words but never fonts
we want, how we want ...
just a sauntering jaunt
away from flaunting warrior prowess

all while shadows haunt
us, utterly undaunted,
through windows of gaunt
faces showing traces of snow, yes

the wraiths wait crouching
perched on our ouches;
ready to leap if we slouch
and rip pieces of our bleeding hearts

out - slippery bits we thought we had a grip on,
but found down on the floor; dripping
red and ripe, trodden tripe for the tripping
on - now there's a fine piece of work of art

we just wanted to dance, a chance
to be romanced by nuanced glances
wanted to think it more than happenstance;
and thus entranced, seduced by "clarity"

we deduce Truth so lucidly: every failure,
we proclaim, every fault and frailty
is fuel for the flame, oh let desire's gauzy veils
ignite the fires of our dreams and burn disparity!

slick as snot the trick to tie that knot
with molten shreds of self respect we're caught;
hands blistered, fists mustered, heads hot -
leads to cold feet, that's what; and social disgraces...

yep, step on up, play your part you saucy tart;
dance thru your paces, but don't upset the applecart -
wild prancy horses tend to dart!
beguiled, they run amuck, and then we're stuck in chases

so we tuck in our old scars and fresh scorches
grimly white-knuckled, grasping guttering torches
to embark half-hearted on these dimly lit searches
probing the dark to recover some part of our lost love

you may say chivalry's dead, so why bother retrieval
leave the valiant gallantry to some other medieval
knight or knave, save yourself from further upheaval
and yet some primeval force compels from above

asking, what was it we swore in heaven;
(or was it the seven eleven
where we met before, and said "let's leaven
the tragic into magical manna;

and remember if we're able, to place
it all on the table, say grace
and serve this bread, our daily headspace
cultivating nirvana"?)

is that where i know you from - are you that one?
was it a dream i left undone
a song unsung? oh how we run
around each other to find - what end?

face to face, back to back,
one on one? we're strange attractors
eye to eye, neck and neck
round and round, circling the track again...

oh the crazy daze
of grey phases
of grazing gazes
phrased just so

how we play and laze about
blazing and shouting
our silences, whispering alliances, and doubts:
will we stay or go?

heaven only knows, i suppose

© 11/23/01 LiesL Lee
(revised 10-30-06)


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