a moment of deliverance
baptism by fire
releasing innocence
purging desire
vulnerable, exposed
naked and new
in all that you know
in all that you do
nothing to ponder
nothing to prove
defenseless, discover
the wonder of you

feel yourself enter
the heart of the world
you are at the center
a precious pearl
of infinite grace
and perfection of form
bearing light, in embrace
of peace have you come
delivered through fire
into water, on earth
and heaven's choir
sings to your birth

so shine, child divine!
what radiance you bring
to this grand design
let the bells of joy ring
through your body temple
emotion is treasure
revel in the simple
expression of pleasure
let your wings beat strong
let your flight be true
you are where you belong
welcome home to you

©11-2-97 (revised) Liesl Lee

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