she rises like magma, a silent enigma
long has  she  slept, for eons kept below
dreaming, alone in the deep recesses
she stirs now, restless, and shakes off slumber
and the surface of the earth trembles, rumbling

her eyes open, gamma rays
beaming from molten pools of gold
and they daze those  who suddenly pause
to muse some unseen illumination

her old, old bones sing songs
in an unknown tongue, of things done
in realms so beyond memory
 that the oceans swell and heave
straining to believe her reverie

she rises from her knees to her full height
vast and mighty, she is Aphrodite
foam-born; Isis, gold adorned
She is Nut, embracing her seed

She is Innana, Gaia, Madonna, and she is freed
Where she stands, mountains crumble into sand at her feet
as she greets you holding scales
filled with laughter and wails
stars and souls, compassion and cold fury

only you can be the jury
the witness to the truth you must face
listen to her voice, now
whispering on the wind

screaming in the storm
we were warned of her coming
there can be no running away
we will be tested, oh yes
for she is the soul of us all

listen to the call, the mother beckons
within your very cells she quickens - will you awaken with her?
Will you rise from your slumber and become what you must be?
Will you be freed?

©1995 Liesl Lee