Pickle Relish

I want to peel you like an onion
Until you make me cry
I want to core you like an apple
And make you into pie

I'd like to break you open
Crack your little shell
And scramble up your brains
With all those little thoughts of hell

Maybe I should roll you out
Are you made of dough?
First I'd have to kneed you, let you rise,
And punch you, though

What speed do I need
To stir you up?
If I whip real fast
Will the cream rise to the top?

What recipe
will bring out your flavor?
Are you a lemon tart
Or a life saver?

I'd really love to let you stew
In your own juices
Bring your blood to a boil
Reduce your weak excuses

What's it gonna TAKE
Right here, right now -
Shake n' Bake
Or Kung Pao -

For you and I
To get down to it
Cause here we are
And I know we can do it

I will slave all day
In this kitchen with you
Because I need SUSTENANCE
And I know you do too

So, would you prefer that I
Cook your goose, or roast your duck?
Cause I just want you
To give a fuck!

Sure, life serves us up raw
So what? Let's get cookin'!
Aren't you ready to eat
Instead of just lookin'?

© 1997 Liesl Lee


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