Oh noble Swan
Sweet Troubadour
white winged Song
Lay your Golden egg
and Vault into the great Beyond

Away, aloft, above!
alight in Heaven, proclaiming, "Love!"
a rising Spiral from adoring lips
Soaring, invited to the heights
this melodic Kiss reaches past even union
into the Abyss....

into the black, whirling tempest Void
into the vacuum sucked
there by Divine lightening struck
splintered and destroyed....

now formless, nameless, Unadorned
you are remade of Fire - Reborn
a shining Presence, sanctified
embraced, empowered, tempered, showered
with sparks of infinite Flame
the Celestial Spheres ring
burning, Singing through your molten veins....

you journey to a deeper place
a place of Grace
Creation's source
where Love's pure force smiles upon you
in simple Empathy
the You-in-me/Me-in-you
Beloved who embodies perfection,
now gives direction
and something More...

a goblet, a Grail
a fairy tale cup, ever filled Up
Ever flowing
with ever living, all-knowing
to nourish the World...

Drink deeply, dear Swan
for you shall travel on
dancing with Heaven
savoring, loving this Gift you are given

To create the Universe
each day the first
each moment Now, eternal rebirth
as you play, play sweet Troubadour!
create, excite, expand,
Soar forward streaming Light
trailing Miracles into the night
behind your Awakening....

Oh noble Swan
my Troubadour
yes, your Journey's just begun
Explore you must!
Learn to trust what you become
and know dear One
that the Love that leads you on will never leave you
for I believe in You
and in the Song that fills your Heart
I make my Home

© 5-24-92 Liesl Lee

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