i said your passwords, you listened and heard
the music of my sphere, and met me here
a multiverse to traverse have we
a tidal wave of love, a sea

think nothing of it, its whatever we give it
this liason, this event horizon
this willy nilly silly putty love
is a fantastically elastic, nutty story of

a riddle in my middle,
in my tummy and its yummy
feel it rumble, like little bumble bees
piezoelectricity, if you please

and butterflies start to rise
and dance in my chest, perchance to rest
in the pentacles of my ventricles, all fluttery
its a heart link, i really think, utterly

of magnetic lines intertwined
quantumly entangled, geometrically angled
like einstein's relativity, you and I are a "we"
designed as lock and key, aligned perfectly

so maybe for a nickel i'll tickle
you and giggle, then you'll squirm and wriggle
fall down on the floor, and come back for more
butterfly kisses, emergence from chrysalises, or.....?


© 12/5/01 by Liesl Lee
revised 10-7-04
2nd revision 10-28-06


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