the meadow of my head
is filled with an ocean
of wildflowers spreading
like wildfire through my senses

courted by butterflies, dragonflies, bees
a riotous burst of sweet-scented yellows
lavenders, and blues dancing in the breeze
i swear i smell them

i swear i feel them growing
into all my cavities
where once rested my heart
now lives greenery

tiny blossoms branching fractally
where there were lungs
now a zillion red ladybug wings
are opening and closing

my organs have sprouted roots
in this fertile soil, how vital i feel
how nourished and elemental
i am crazy with life, overun, overgrown

pervaded by beauty, oh so tenderly
how vibrantly illuminated
is the garden of me
drenched in the blazing sun of your

©12/12/01 Liesl Lee

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